This course is intended for Information Technology Professionals

1 – 3 Days

 Participants should have knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts

Students require a computer with access to the internet

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).  The course begins with an introduction to datamart design and progresses through to SSIS design and development.   The course is delivered by an instructor making use of PowerPoint slides and interactive demonstrations.  The learning is reinforced by providing hands-on workshops where the participants have the opportunity to practice the techniques being taught.  Access to a computer with connectivity to the internet is mandatory to access the training portal.


Topics covered include:

  • Datamart Design
  • Dimensions and Facts
  • ETL design
  • Load Strategies
  • The Role of SSIS
  • Working with SSIS
  • Connecting to a data source (Flat file and database)
  • Data Sources, Destinations and Transformations
  • Performance Considerations
  • Introduction to Control Flow
  • Multiple Packages
  • Package Template
  • Creating Dynamic Packages
  • Introduction to Containers
  • Debugging SSIS
  • Logging and Error Handling
  • Incremental ETL
  • Look up transformation
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Deployment Models
  • Running and Scheduling

SQL Server

Integration Services (SSIS)

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