Is Your Data Platform Up For the Job?


Your organization's data is one of your most important assets. Our experts will help you build a modern data platform that will facilitate growth, reduce costs and risks and provide the platform you need to move into the future.

Data Platform Maturity

Database Consolidation

High Availability / Disaster Recovery

Data Security and Risk Management

Performance Tuning

Data Governance

Big Data

Internet of Things

Cloud Data Integration

What Makes up a Mature Data Platform?

  • Running the most current version of you database technology to improve security and performance
  • Consolidate and virtualize your data platform to maximize scale and flexibility while controlling licensing costs
  • Leverage the advantages of cloud
  • Maintain good governance and data quality
  • Expand your data footprint beyond relational databases and leverage all of the data that you collect

 Our Services include:

  • SQL Server upgrade and consolidation
  • Migration from other data platforms to SQL Server
  • SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Data governance and data quality
  • Migrating your databases to Azure

What Makes us EXPERTS?


  • Achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Competency in Data and Cloud Platform
  • A deep understanding of On-premise,Cloud, and Hybrid environments
  • Experience in upgrading,consolidating andr optimizing data platforms
  • Innovative disaster recovery and availability solutions

We have:

Data Platform Optimization

Modernized Data Footprint

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Data Platform Maturity

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